Emergency Services

3745 Portland Road NE
Salem, Oregon
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Mon–Wed, Fri 10am–1:45pm
Thur 11am–1:45pm

Services Coordinator

Marisa Ball
Emergency Services Coordinator
(503) 364-5672

Volunteers Needed


Help us help others. St. Vincent de Paul pantry invites you to join us in preparing the food and stocking shelves, or volunteer as a receptionist.

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Cash & Vehicle Donations

Cash Donations

We are one of only about 3 charities in the Mid-Willamette Valley that helps with rent, power, water and medical bills and other critical financial needs. We frequently help single mothers keep the power or water on; seniors pay for critical medications; or provide the financial bridge for families who would otherwise lose their homes while they are in between jobs.

Our rule of thumb is to provide the last $50 of an individual’s or family’s needs to cover a critical bill. For example, if a family owes $150 on their power bill, they must come up with $100 before we will pay the last $50. We will then contact the utility or landlord and provide them with our financial commitment. In some cases where money is extremely tight, we are able to negotiate a reduced payment amount for our clients.

Finally, we will only provide this type of financial assistance once per year. The idea is that our financial assistance should provide a safety net to clients who are experiencing abnormally difficult financial circumstances and just need help to get them through the temporary situation.
For these reasons, cash donations are great appreciated.

Vehicle Donations


The Society of St. Vincent de Paul gladly takes vehicle donations. If you would like more information, please contact Shari Crawford at 503-364-5672 or shari@svdpsalem.org.

To donate your vehicle, please click here.